Frequently asked questions

Here are answers to some common questions. If you can't find what you're looking for, please reach out to us via chat or email!

What is Everfells and how does it work?

Everfells is a platform for discovering, booking, and hosting trips in the wilderness. Whether a camping trip with friends or a guided wilderness expedition, we enable you to book everything you need in one place. We’re also building a comprehensive guide to national parks, wilderness areas, and destinations with natural wonders – starting out from the Nordics.

What kinds of trips can I book?

Trips on Everfells are designed for independent travelers who want to explore beyond the tourist trails. You can book everything from independent camping trips to guided mountaineering expeditions that range from a few hours up to a week or more – we'll be adding lots of new trips during 2020.

What are independent trips?

Independent trips give you the freedom to explore on your own with the safety and comfort of having an expert contact available. No need for the hassle of finding scattered rental services and figuring out logistics. Book equipment, meals, accommodation, transportation, and route planning – all in one place.

What are guided trips?

Guided trips are led by an expert host from start to finish. No large groups or sightseeing tours. Only great trips hosted by fascinating locals who’ll share their skills and unique perspectives. All you have to do is show up.

Which destinations are currently available?

Currently, you can book trips mostly in Finland – home to countless lakes and islands, vast green forests, mighty fells, and winter wonders like the northern lights.

How do you screen and select hosts?

To ensure a great experience every time, we handpick each host that comes on our platform. Only a fraction of local providers qualify to host on Everfells. Each potential host goes through careful vetting which is designed to see whether they meet our requirements for high quality. Our vetting process includes background checks, in-depth interviews, and when possible, visiting and trying out their trips ourselves.

What’s the cancellation policy on Everfells?

If you cancel your trip 30 days or more before the start date and time, you’ll get a full refund (minus Everfells fees). After that, there will be no refund.

Can I reschedule my trip?

If you’d like to change the dates of your trip, please reach out to us and we’ll work with you and your host. Note that this is up to the host, subject to availability, and determined on a case-by-case basis.

What is the Everfells service fee?

We charge a service fee that enables us to operate our platform, provide friendly customer support, process payments securely, compensate climate emissions, and make each trip a smooth and memorable experience. The service fee is automatically deducted from the host’s payout and varies based on the type of trip.

The service fee for independent trips (without a guide) is 15% of the booking subtotal. The service fee for guided trips is 20% of the booking subtotal.

How does Everfells support sustainable travel?

We started Everfells because of two things. First, because we couldn’t find a service for wilderness exploration for ourselves to use. Second, because travel companies are not taking significant action in mitigating emissions caused by travel – one of the fastest-growing sources of greenhouse gases. We thought that a company that does things in a measurably better way has to be created.

Our number one goal is to radically reduce the climate footprint of travel. To get there, we’re focusing on full transparency, creating incentives for avoiding emissions, and compensating unavoidable emissions. More info on these coming soon!