Riisitunturi National Park

Snow-covered spruce trees and northern lights make this winter wonderland perfect for photography.
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Why it's great
Snow-covered "tykky" trees, photogenic landscapes, curious Siberian jays
Watch out for
Hard to reach by public transport, crowds at the main Riisitunturi fell
National park
Closest towns
Posio, Kuusamo
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Local Basecamp
77 km²
Annual visitors

The vibe in


15 °C



Sun rises


Sun sets


Marked trails


Camping sites


kg snow per tree

Things to do

Wildlife watching
Cross-country skiing
Dog sledding

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Before you go

Get to know park rules
Having campfires is allowed only at marked sites when there are no forest fire warnings. Camping is advised only on maintained sites. Biking is not allowed – there are no bike trails.
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Check weather and warnings
Pack accordingly, be prepared, and keep in mind restrictions if there's a forest fire warning.
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Peak times and popular places
Summer and winter are most popular. The main Riisitunturi fell and the Open Wilderness Hut can get crowded. Best to bring a tent if you're camping!

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Frequently asked questions

What are the best trails in Nuuksio?

We recommend Haukankierros (3.7 km, 2-3 hours) and Korpinkierros (7.2 km, 4-5 hours). For a short and easy hike, try Punarinnankierros (1 km, 1 hour). If you're in a wheelchair or if you're exploring with a toddler, you can do Maahisenkierros, which is accessible for prams, pushchairs and wheelchairs when assisted. Starting from Haltia, it's a 2 km long and ends in a nice lookout point. Note that is not accessible by wheelchair during the snowy season.

What are the places to camp in Nuuksio?

In the national park, you can only camp at marked campsites. There are twelve free camping sites, nine of which feature a campfire site, firewood shelter with an axe, and a dry toilet. Our top picks are Holma-Saarijärvi (2 campsites on a cool little island), Isoholma, and Vääräjärvi. For a hassle-free and unique experience, check out the Tentsile Experience Camp.

How can I avoid the crowds in Nuuksio?

Nuuksio is often a bit crowded on summer and fall weekends. Most people go to lake Haukkalampi, since many trails start from there. To avoid the crowds, you have a few options.

1. Don't go to Haukkalampi. For example, you can do Korpinkierros trail, but start from Siikajärvi instead of Haukkalampi (take a bus to Siikajärvi instead of Haltia).

2. If you're feeling adventurous and can navigate with a map, there are unmarked trails in the northern and eastern parts of Nuuksio. For example, you can start your hike from Haltia and go to the area around lake Vääräjärvi.

Where can I fill my water bottle in Nuuksio?

It's best to have plenty of water before arriving, but there's a water tap at the Haukkalampi Guide Hut. You can also purchase water at Haltia Nature Centre.

Are there toilets in Nuuksio?

Yes. There are dry toilets at every campfire site, camping site, cooking shelter and lean-to shelter – and next to Haukkalampi Nature Information Hut and lake Kattila. You can also find bathrooms in Haltia Nature Centre.

I have one day in Nuuksio. What should I do?

We recommend exploring the national park and ending your trip in Haltia, where you can check out the exhibitions and have a meal or drink at the restaurant – the restaurant has some of the best views around the Helsinki region.