Stay healthy out there and keep others safe 🙏 If you're looking to do a trip, please contact us by chat or email and we'll be happy to help you put it together. Many of our local hosts e.g. in Lapland are running trips with good COVID measures in place!

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Nuuksio National Park
Nuuksio National Park
Nuuksio National Park
Nuuksio National Park
Nuuksio National Park

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All trips on our platform are designed to keep greenhouse gas emissions as low as possible – for example by avoiding gas-powered vehicles. We also offset 100% of the carbon footprint of each trip by investing in forest conservation – with no extra cost to hosts or guests.

This is just the first step in our mission of making it easy to explore the planet’s wild places while radically reducing the climate footprint of travel.

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Hosts creating better outdoor experiences

Rovaniemi, Finland
Inka creates much better husky experiences while battling climate change.
Rovaniemi, Finland
Juho leads photography expeditions with a passion for adventure and exploration.
Tampere, Finland
Joose is an experienced wilderness guide who leads guests deep into the wilderness.
Kilpisjärvi, Finland
Gareth takes you exploring the vast wilderness areas of the far north of Finland, Sweden, and Norway.

Happy guests and five-star ratings, all around the world

“ I walked through the forest under the magical moonlight, saw the aurora borealis dancing in the sky, had a funny ride with a bunch of adorable huskies, challenged myself on a snow surfboard and met amazing people dedicated to their passion. I am extremely thankful! ”
— Juliette F.
“ Just wanted to say again what an incredible experience that was – this trip went to my all-time top two. Thanks again you guys! ”
— Jeremy D.
“ This trip was even better than I expected. The passion, care, and deep knowledge that Inka and Jussi have about huskies was amazing to see. And the puppies were adorable! ”
— Mohamad B.
“ I am very happy with the snowkite camp I had in Nuorgam. Sami was very experienced with what he did and his knowledge of the region was great. Overall, everything was amazing and great. ”
— Borislav B.
“ Thanks to Antti and Aksana, our family had a fantastic time yesterday. The husky pack is lovely and the location by the lake is beautiful. They are very kind hosts that gave us a glimpse of true Arctic life with many enthusiastic stories. ”
— Marianne A.
“ An unforgettable experience. Once in a lifetime opportunity to get so close to the huskies and sled with them, made more special by the fact that only our family was there. Great fun and lasting memories! ”
— Veronica P.
“ Loved how our hosts made the experience feel really personal. This was definitely the highlight of our trip to Lapland! ”
— Hilkka H. & Xavi P.
“ We had the whole lake to ourselves! Thanks for making this happen. ”
— Riku L.
“ You’re the best already. Love your customer service! ”
— Niki S.
“ We were blown away by the beauty of the midnight sun and had really helpful hosts. ”
— Reetta J.
“ Thanks for bringing us closer to nature – our inner self, really! ”
— Sara R.
“ Can’t thank you guys enough for all the support throughout! Will definitely be back. ”
— Bruna B.

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